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The VinguardTM dual release SO2 gas generating sheet manufacturing facility contains a one of its kind fully automated plant capable of manufacturing in excess of 100 million VinguardTM dual release SO2 generating sheets per annum. The plant was designed and built by Vinguards’ in-house team of engineers and polymer scientists in conjunction with leading experts in the fields of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering, production flow logistics, heat transfer technology and flow dynamics.

The manufacturing process contains both automated and manual quality control tests designed to ensure that each and every VinguardTM dual release SO2 generating sheet is produced according to specification.

The VinguardTM dual release SO2 gas generating sheets are manufactured using food grade materials according to the European Commission Directive (93/10/EEC) relating to products intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Only the highest quality raw materials can be used when creating a premier product. The raw materials used in manufacturing the VinguardTM dual release SO2 generating sheet are sourced from leading global suppliers and quality is never compromised.

The net result of the high technology production plant, the stringent quality control procedures and the best raw materials available is a high quality sheet that can be relied upon by the producer, the exporter, the retailer and the consumer.

Health declaration

We declare that the VinguardTM dual release SO2 gas generating sheets have been developed to act as a fungicidal agent during post harvest storage of fresh produce and that if used according to its labeling the product does not pose any risk to human health. Any use of VinguardTM SO2 sheets in a matter inconsistent with its labeling may constitute a violation of applicable laws.

The VinguardTM dual release SO2 gas generating sheet has been tested extensively at leading academic and agricultural research institutions around the world. These include The Volcani Institute in Israel, the University of Vittoria in Italy, Experico in South Africa, The University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and the Department of Agriculture in Cyprus.

In addition to this commercial trails have been conducted in numerous countries around the world by key producers. These countries include South Africa, India, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Italy, Greece, China, Thailand, Israel and Australia.

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