Vinguard Limited is a public company registered in the Republic of South Africa and has in excess of 300 shareholders many of whom are table grape industry participants. Vinguard Limited is a subsidiary of John Daniel Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange for the past 11 years.

Vinguard Ltd manufactures the technologically advanced VinguardTM Dual Release SO2 gas generating sheets that ensures optimum post harvest protection against Botrytis cinerea decay.

The VinguardTM dual release SO2 generating sheet was developed over a period of 7 years at Stellenbosch University and has been in commercial use globally for four years. The research was conducted in conjunction with the South African Deciduous Fruit Producers Trust and local table grape farmers. The technology that flowed from this research was both new and innovative, utilising current and up to date knowledge in the fields of polymer science and membrane transfer theory, with a key focus on minimising SO2 residue levels. Thus the VinguardTM dual release SO2 generating sheet truly is the most advanced SO2 generating sheet on the international market.

The VinguardTM dual release SO2 gas generating sheet manufacturing facility contains a one of its kind fully automated plant capable of manufacturing in excess of 40 000 000 VinguardTM dual release SO2 generating sheets per annum. The plant was designed and built by Vinguards’ in-house team of engineers and polymer scientists in conjunction with leading experts in the fields of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering, production flow logistics, heat transfer technology and flow dynamics.

The manufacturing process contains both automated and manual quality control tests designed to ensure that each and every VinguardTM dual release SO2 generating sheet is produced according to specification.

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